Biografi Alwi Assegaf dalam bahasa inggris

Biografi Alwi Assegaf dalam bahasa inggris

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Alwi was born to Sayyid Mahdar Assegaf and Sayyidah Mayumi Yoshida. He also has an older sister and younger sister. Although an Indonesian national, Alwi also has Arab and Japanese blood. That’s because his father is of Arab descent, while his mother is of Japanese descent.

Alwi started the world of artistry by starring in various product advertisements. For example, such as dairy products, glasses, soap, snacks, to biscuits. This turned out to be successful in opening Alwi’s path to smooth his steps in entering the world of Indonesian soap operas.

Alwi Assegaf’s name was popular when he starred in the colossal action soap opera, Raden Kian Santang in 2012. Alwi also shone even more when he starred in the soap opera Warrior Takraw in 2015. It was continued by starring in the soap opera Haji Learning Ngaji and Prince 2 in 2016. His skill in acting was proven again by starring in soap operas in 2017 entitled Cahaya Hati and in 2018 entitled Love Lost.

Several soap operas that he starred in also managed to get high ratings for Indonesian television daily. Alwi has also won various awards. In 2017 he managed to become the “Slither Little Artist” in the Silet Award. In addition, he also won in the “Digital Darling Male” category at the 2020 Digital Award event.

Success in the world of soap operas, Alwi Assegaf hone his skills by starring in various film titles. The film produced by Stravision Plus alone has three titles that he has starred in. Namely a film called This is Love, Tiger Boy, and There is Love in High School. Furthermore, Alwi also starred in a film entitled The Return of Raden Kian Santang The Movie playing the role of “Raden Kian Santang” produced by MNC Pictures.

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His talent in singing is also no less stunning. This is evidenced by several single songs that he has released. Some of his songs are also sung in duets. Alwi’s several singles are entitled Ramadahan (duet with Juna), Journey of Kian Santang, and Father & Moms (duet with Aminah Yoshida).

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